Seattle Weekly’s Voracious

I had the great opportunity to take part of Seattle Weekly’s Voracious event that takes place at the Paramount. It was my second year of representing The Harvest Vine and I got to say that this is probably one of the events that I am most excited to participate in all year.

The great thing about Voracious is the energy of the whole thing. I strive for events like this. It has all the componants for a great day. Great food. Tasty drinks. Music. And most of all, very happy people!

The Harvest Vine Voracious Crew!

It is such a great event solely for the fact that there are so many different restaurants and bars participating. Its definitely a great way to network within our community and also just to meet new faces.

Me modeling some Bocaditos de Cerdo. Pulled Pork in Profiterols with Pipparra Peppers.

The little bite that we had contribute to the event was a Bocadito de Cerdo. A bocadillo, or in this case, a bocadito, is a small sandwich in Spain. Our vessel was a profiterol for the perfect little bite. The filling was Moruno marinated pork. Its a very flavorful, 6 hour braised pork shoulder (even though its traditionally pork loin) that is packed with the smoky flavors of Spanish paprika, better known as pimenton. It was then skewered with a pickled pepper called a pipparra. It is not a spicy pepper, but has an acidic kick to really balance the flavors of the sandwich.

Mini Sandwich production well underway! Look at all those hungry people!

My favorite part of the night was being able to share with the audience the food we prepare. I was very excited to tell people about Spanish food and show my love and excitement for this cuisine. There aren’t a lot of Spanish restaurants around Seattle, so I love that we had the opportunity to not just show the flavors of Spain, but also bring some Spanish culture to the people of Seattle.

The Happy Crew celebrating with a very small shot of Cava! haha

Overall, Voracious was was such a success for all that participated as we all ran out of our tasty treats by the end of the night. The energy and the feeling of excitement in the venue was outrageous and I loved every second of it. Sad that it’ll be another year until the next one, but I’m sure there will be a lot of very exciting things to keep me occupied until then!