Justin Legaspi, here. And welcome to my blog.

I’ve never really seen myself as one to write or make a blog. The thought that I am writing about my life or something about myself for all of you to read is kind of a crazy thing. I guess I’ve never really invested my time in reading blogs and it wasn’t until recently that I started really following other peoples’ blogs and I now have a better understanding of why so many people use blogs.

I see this blog as a chance for all of you to really get to know the me. There are a lot of you out there that know the person I am, which is a pretty simple guy. But there is a lot to me that not everyone gets to see. This blog will give me the opportunity to show everyone what makes me, me.

People work in different ways and it shapes them into the people that they are. From the music I listen too, the food that fills my stomach, to the people I interact with everyday. I am the person I am today because of the wonderful things I surround myself with. Welcome to my world and it’ll be a pleasure having your full undivided attention.

I am Justin Legaspi.

And this is how I work….

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